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Aydın Bal


Aydın Bal is currently working on his doctorate degree and teaching at Arizona State University. He writes theatre plays, poetry and short stories.



Jen Bal

J. Bal is an anthropologist and writer of prose and poetry.



Seda Egridere

Seda graduated from the Bosphorus University in Istanbul, Turkey with a double major degree in Western Languages&Literatures and Psychology in 2006. She also attended the Arizona State University as an exchange student. She has been acting in stage plays since 10 yrs old and has been directing short films since high school years. Currently she runs her own business and is working free-lance. She is also the Istanbul correspondent for Bosphorus Art Project's 2007 Film Festival.



Jeni Grossman

Jeni Grossman is a writer whose latest novel is set at the Zeugma excavation in southeast Turkey. She recently took twenty friends on a bus trip all around Turkey. When they got back home, they created a non-profit organization called Tiny Peaces. Go to to learn more or contact Jeni at



Onur Inal

Onur has an M.A. from Koc University's Anatolian Civilizations and Cultural Heritage Management program. He is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Arizona, Department of History. Since 2005 he is the Secretary General of the Cultural Studies Association in Turkey. He has recenlty published "Pera'dan Beyoglu'na" (From Pera to Beyoglu) (July 2006) from Galata Publishing.



Zeynep Kılıç

Zeynep Kılıç is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Sociology at Arizona State University. Her current research is on immigration, citizenship and cultural identity.



Basak Koyuncu

Basak Koyuncu is a graduate of the Middle East Technical University (Ankara, Turkey)in Public Administration and Political Science. She has completed her doctorate on Local Governance the Strathclyde University in Scotland, UK. She was an administrator in the area of social politics and employment at the European Commission's Turkey Delegation for 5 years. Currently she works at a firm in Brussels, specializing in regional development projects.



Gabriel Kuhn

Gabriel Kuhn was born in Austria and received his formal education there (except for a short stint at ASU), but lived abroad for the rest of his life, both as a child and as an adult. He holds a Ph.D. in philosophy. He is currently working on a manuscript to come out next year.



Ethem Ozguven

Ethem makes documentaries, social spots, video art, experimental films, dance videos and installations. He is an instructor for video art and documentary at "Academy Istanbul," Beykent University, Marmara University and Istanbul Bilgi University. Since 1990 he teaches at "FIMa international video workshops" which he founded together with Walter Pucher and Petra Holzer.



Sokratis Sinopoulos

Sokratis Sinopoulos was born in 1974 in Athens; Greece. His childhood was a very musical one, as he studied Western European classical music on guitar. At the age of 14,he met Ross Daly and began his studies of kemençe, joining Daly's Labyrinth Ensemble a year later. Sinopoulos also composed scores for theater plays and modern dance. In 1997,he completed his Musicology studies at a university in Athens, and began doctoral studies. He is currently also an active member of several musical groups in Greece. Source: The Golden Horn Records



Derya Türkan

Derya Türkan is a young master of classical Turkish kemenche. He plays improvisational as well as the Ottoman classical music repertoire.

Türkan was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1973. Türkan attended and graduated from the Turkish Music Conservatory Instruments Education Department of the Istanbul Technical University, where he studied with Ihsan Özgen, an internationally recognized Turkish musician. In 1996, Türkan performed with Turkish ney player Kudsi Ergüner at Yehudi Menuhin`s 80th birthday celebration concerts, organized by French President Jacques Chirac, as an invited musician.

Like his teacher Ihsan Özgen, Türkan aims to follow and develop the teachings of one of this century's genius musicians, Tanburi Cemil Bey, and today continues to work on different projects in his music career with this goal in mind. Source: The Golden Horn Records



Sinan Yucel

Sinan Yucel holds a BA and an MSA in Graphic Design. Aside from his professional design work, he paints a little bit, draws a little bit, and even writes a little bit.



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